Qatar Diplomatic Crisis/ Trade Embargo
A number of countries in the Gulf region have cut diplomatic and trading ties with the State of Qatar, and this development is expected to have a direct effect in sea traffic in the region.

More particularly, with effect as from 6th June 2017, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain port authorities have banned from their territorial waters:

all ships flying Qatari flags
ships owned by Qatari companies or individuals
all ships destined for or arriving from Qatari ports, regardless of the nature of their call. To this last point, S. Arabia is currently an exception, as only discharging goods of Qatari origin is prohibited.
Above restrictions are not limited to cargo purposes (loading or discharging) but are extended to crew matters, bunkering, repairs or any other business. Hence, and considering that Fujairah is the main bunkering port in the area, there is high probability of increased costs and delays for ship operators.

Qatar on the other hand currently has not imposed any restriction or ban declared on any vessel arriving from/proceeding to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.